Thursday, April 9, 2009

Panoramic Sugar Eggs

As a child, my mom made these and she would set them out each Easter. I remember peering into them, so excited to see a familiar scene of bunnies and easter eggs or chicks at play. I wanted my kids to enjoy them too, so I made these a few years ago and they have held up surprisingly well, even amidst all of our moving. So far, I have only lost two! My kids love them a little too much, so I've had to put them up high on the mantle so they need a little assistance to "look" at them.

I can't say they are the easiest things to make, but they do keep well if you pack them away right. And they are completely edible... made from sugar and water and lots of frosting (minus the cute little mini figures- those are specialty of Michael's).
If you would like a comprehensive tutorial on making these neat eggs, click here. If you would rather just buy them, click here.


Mom said...

I'm so glad that you loved them enough to want to make your own. They are beautiful!

A.Jean said...

I haven't been here in a while. Obviously, since I'm just getting to your gorgeous Easter eggs. Kudos to you and Maryann for passing along a marvelous tradition. Yes, I'd have them perched up high and seen by appointment only, ha.

Chelsea said...

Um, so you made these?? I cannot wrap my mind around this Marisa. Three kids. Panoramic sugar eggs. !

Anyway, I love these eggs ever since I was a kid. Fabulous.

Peggy said...

Are you kidding me? You are not only artistic, you must have the patience of Job to complete this kind of masterpiece. Amazing.