Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update: Doorway Puppet Show Theatre

It's time to play the music!  It's time to light the lights!  
Introducing one of the most adorable and easiest sewing projects on the planet:  the Spring-rod Doorway Puppet Show Theatre!  I made this puppet show set for my brother's family for Christmas. I wrapped up movie-style popcorn cups (Target), microwavable popcorn, the puppet show curtains and spring rods, and a set of dinosaur puppets (Costco) for the kids. We stacked all the gifts together and attached a tag that read,
 "We hope you enjoy the SHOW!" I have been making these for a few years now, but I have tweaked my old version just a bit. In the past, I used spring-rods to hold the curtains, but inevitably the children would lean on the bottom curtain, making it fall down. So to make it sturdier, I decided to use two stall-sized shower curtain rods and they hold up much better under the wrath of a two-year old. And, they still fit in almost every doorway in my house since you can screw them in and out to adjust the size.

This time around I added two skinny curtains on each side and I think it looks great. What you need for this project are two stall-sized shower curtain rods, a valance, two matching skinny panels on each side, and a square curtain for the bottom panel. Choose cute fabrics and decorate with coordinating ribbon and you have yourself some fantastic-looking fun. And the best part of this project is how well it stores- simply fold up the curtains!

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