Sunday, June 20, 2010

Melting Crayon Art

This art project is super fun for children of all ages, and is extremely simple to do!
You will need:
-light cardstock
- Crayons
- hot pad
- electric griddle set at lowest temperature setting Simply plug in your electric griddle and start with it set to the lowest heat temperature setting. Put a piece of cardstock on the griddle and start to draw with a crayon. If it is warm enough, the crayon will start to slide and melt as you draw, spreading into neat patterns. If the crayon doesn't melt as you draw, turn up the heat setting until you achieve the desired result.

Young children should be supervised exceptionally well for this project! I had my three year old (who draws with her right hand) put a hot pad on her left hand so she wasn't tempted to touch the griddle, and if she did, it wouldn't burn her.

My kids loved doing this! We hung them in the windows and they really lit up with the sun going through them, sort of like stained glass. Have fun!

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